Welcome to LittleScoffs!

Bath has a rich legacy of producing high quality individual meals for children, and we are delighted to carry on this tradition with our own brand, LittleScoffs.

Designed primarily for busy parents who want to children - and adults - great tasting food, LittleScoffs prides itself on creating complete wholesome meals with no additives or nasty bits, no sugar, minimal salt (we are talking half a teaspoon per 8 meals!) and simple ingredients. Not only that, all our meals are also vegetarian, so suitable for just about all palets!

Made right here in the Alice Park Cafe kitchen, our Quorn and veg based range is consciously as low mileage as possible and guilt free to enjoy. The range currently includes:

MacVicars Cottage Pie
Fish Pie
Brociflower Cheese Pie
Chickless Curry and Rice
Mac N Cheese
Penne Pasta
Betty Spaghetti Bolognaise
Meatless Balls and Spaghetti

and we are looking at creating more - so if you have a particular favourite, then get in touch and let's see what we can come up with.

While currently we are selling our meals exclusively through Alice Park Cafe, we can take orders for schools, small events and individuals to take home to enjoy later. Why not save yourself cooking hassle and buy a few to keep in?

We are also looking for potential distributors and partners, so if you recognise just how good and tasty LittleScoffs is, and want to get involved, then get in touch!

Head to our contact page to see how we can meet your needs.

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