Welcome to LittleScoffs! – our own brand vegetarian fresh meals made right here, in Alice Park Cafe.

Established in 2017, we began developing our brand meals as a response to nutrition concious parents request for something tasty, decent and local - free from nasties, salts and sugars; good for you and fully School Compliant too.

We also felt that they had to be at least vegetarian, ideally vegan and as allergen-free as possible; indeed we are constantly looking at how we can make the perfect range that is ultimately vegan, Gluten Free with minimal allergens - just smothered in goodness and taste!

Essentially, LittleScoffs provide nutritious, delicious meals on a plate – without the hassle, and suitable for everyone; young, old and anywhere in the middle.

Here's the line up for 2023/24

Mac n Cheese – the American classic, macaroni and a smooth mild cheese sauce

Penne Pasta – the Italian classic, pasta in our delicious tomato sauce

Cheesy Penne Pasta – the classic penne pasta dish with an extra handful of cheddar cheese

Betty Spaghetti Bolognaise – with Quorn in a delicious tomato sauce and hidden

Meatless Balls and Spaghetti – planet-sized balls with our tomato sauce and hidden

MacVicars Cottage Pie – mixed vegetables and Quorn in a gravy topped with mash

Col Richie’s Fish Pie – a blend of fish in a creamy sauce topped with mash**

BrocciFlower Cheese Pie – broccoli and cauliflower in a creamy sauce topped with

Chickless Mild Curry – Quorn chickless chunks in a mild curry sauce with basmati rice

5 Bean Chilly Billy – 5 different beans in a mild chilli sauce with basmati rice

Park Ranger Ratatouille – 5 roast veg inc butternut squash and peppers in our tomato
base **

Pesto Pasta – tricoloured Fuseli with red pepper pesto topped with a handful of grated
cheese **

All meals are vegetarian (note the fish pie contains fish) and all pasta dishes contain
gluten and milk. No nuts are used on the premises and all food is certified School Meal
Compliant, HAF Compliant and Halal compliant.

Note that each LittleScoff serving is between 280g-450g so is a full meal for all palates.

Although we can easily deliver 'on the day' up to 40 individual hot meals (depending
upon delivery distance), we do recommend that you keep a small stock in – just in case! After all, you never ever know when Chef is off, the oven is down, or you might just fancy a change.

All meals are good to be stored frozen for at least 6months, and stock ordering meals
will arrive as frozen individual units. Instant consumption meals will arrive ready to eat.

Orders can be placed by:
Phone – 01225 465613 Mon-Sun, 9-5
Email – tony@alicepark.co.uk – 24/7
Visit – Alice Park Café, Gloucester Road, Bath BA1 7BL

HAF Compliance:
Over the summer of 2022 and 2023, we were delighted to be selected as food partner for several companies involved in the Government HAF project. Essentially, we are able to supply both hot and cold complete meals – either using the LittleScoffs meals with fresh fruit, water and an oat snack – or substituting the LittleScoffs for a selection of sandwiches – cheese, ham or hummus.

The complete meals were delivered daily as required, and we can serve up to 50
compliant meals at any one location at a specified time (more depending upon actual
requirement, time of delivery, distance, availability etc), so if you are involved in this very important project, get in touch – we can sort it all out for you.

Prices depend upon actual requirements and numbers, however we do have a minimum order value and a delivery charge.

Finally, the LittleScoffs range is perfect for both the young and the elderly, so if you a
school, care home, nursery or involved with FSM, get in touch – we can definitely help!

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